Frozen Pipes Repair Services Lufkin, TX


frozen pipes repairs

Frozen pipes are a nuisance. The water pipes in the home are part of an intricate plumbing system. The water pipes provide us with hot and cold water we need to complete everyday tasks from washing to cleaning and drinking. The water pipes are essential to everyday life so when one has an issue, it can mess up your entire day.

A major problem with water pipes is freezing. When the winter months arrive, a water pipe can easily freeze. There are so many guidelines that are revealed by Lufkin Plumbing LLC. which you can use to fix your frozen pipes, some of them are :

Electric Heat Tape

One option you can try is electric heat tape. This tape can be purchased at major retailers and is used by placing the tape on the pipe and waiting for the pipe to thaw out. This is a slow method but works well because it reduces the amount of damage that can occur when pipes freeze.

Warm Water with Wrapping

Another option that can work well for a frozen pipes wrapping and warm water. Wrap the pipe with towels or cloth and pour hot water over the towels. This can be done several times to thaw the pipe. However, this can get quite messy and make take a while to actually work.

Hair Dryer

Another common option is the hair dryer method. Simply take a hand-held hair dryer and hold it on the pipe. Move the hair dryer up and down the pipe slowly to warm up the pipe and thaw the ice. You want to be sure that you use a GFCI protected outlet when using this option so that you are not electrocuted working this closely with water.

Heat Lamp

Another option that is used frequently is a heat lamp. A heat lamp can be placed beside the pipe, around one foot away. The heat lamp will need to be placed on the dry ground and other areas around the heat lamp need to be covered so melting does not occur. This item should also be placed in a protected outlet.

In Conclusion

All of these methods can be used to heat the ice in the pipes and thaw them out. Try a few and see what happens if you ever come across this issue in your home. Remember to practice safety precautions so you can remain safe during the thawing process. If you’d like to hire a professional contractor to hand off and get your frozen pipes repaired, start by contacting us today. You can also learn more about our plumbing team here.